Bologna accord in engineering

EU countries are in the transition phase of implementing the common educational framework of the Bologna process. In France, Italy, Portugal and Spain a five-year degree in engineering is the stardard. If I had stopped after the forth year, I would not have got any degree. After the process, all programmes will be divided into Anglo-Saxon scheme, bachelor (3-4 years) and master degrees (1-2 years), where our Continental integrated degree was the only one.

What if you plan to do an MSc in the US?. Nowadays there is no resistance to recognise five-year degrees at American graduate schools but the acceptance of the new European undergraduates is not ensured. This is a contradiction because the aim of Bologna accord was to americanise the European universities. In fact, it is funny to read in the blog of the Curious Cat that Yossi Sheffi, Professor of Engineering at MIT, proposed a five-year model to "learn how a subject fits into the grand scheme of things". Are we moving opposite?

Is this reform going to make us -the Southern European engineers- more skilled and competitive? I admit to be a bit reluctant.