Modulor and I

"Working by calculation, engineers employ geometrical forms, satisfying our eyes by their geometry and our understanding by their mathematics; their work is on the direct line of good art."

Towards a New Architecture.

After the war, Le Corbusier became interested in the Golden Section and he proposed his own proportional scale based on the male figure. The standard figure was called Modulor and it was nice to have a picture with him. Modulor is a bit taller than me, so you can guess my height.

For the Swiss artist, what European industry needed at that difficult moment was a system of measurement according to the needs of the humans and the aesthetics of the Golden Ratio. He believed that numbers - like Pythagoras- and geometry -like Plato- underlie the harmony and the beauty of objects. But he was also a follower of Leonardo, respecting the principles of engineering, seeking the divine proportion in the calculations. All objects should be measured in their relation to the Modular norm. From my point of view, it is a conceptually engaging idea: standardization has a lot of advantages and does not necessarily imply boring or ugly designs.

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