Digital democracy only for Internet Explorer

I am not a fanatic of open source software but I use Mozilla Firefox web browser for my daily net surfing because it is an easily extensible navigator. You can download and install extensions which add the features you want.

Firefox, unlike Internet Explorer, is a more or less standard-compliant browser and one of the first things you are likely to discover is a small bunch of poorly designed sites which refuse to let you in because you are not using IE. One of these pages is the electronic voting web of the Spanish Institution of Civil Engineers (Colegio de Ing. de Caminos). The original idea - choosing the President of the Colegio on-line - was brilliant but badly implemented: a quarter of the civil engineers do not use IE and we will not able to e-vote without using some trick. What is more antidemocratic, it was assumed that we all should use IE in such important elections.

You need Internet Explorer otherwise you cannot vote electronically

The only solution I have found was to set up an add-on called User Agent Switcher, which is like using IE embedded in Firefox. No doubt, I will complain loudly to the Colegio about being discrinated for not using IE and I hope they will begin to pay attention to most of the web standards.